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He Holds Our Hand
The little girl who navigated the stairway one Sunday at church was cute, spunky, and independent. One by one the
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Living Sacrifice
My great aunt had an exciting job in advertising, and traveled between Chicago and New York City. But she chose
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Send It in a Letter
Her name is Ruby. She is four years old. Like most children that age, Ruby loved to run, sing, dance,
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Shelve Them and Move On
I’m reminded of some wise advice a radio broadcaster friend once gave me. Early on in his career, as my
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Praying and Growing
When my friend David’s wife developed Alzheimer’s disease, the changes it brought to his life made him bitter. He needed
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Atmosphere of Encouragement
I’m encouraged every time I visit the fitness center near our house. In that busy place, I’m surrounded by others
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Acts of Kindness
“Estera, you got a present from our friend Helen!” my mom told me when she got home from work. Growing
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Sinking into Grace
Finally, on January 8, 1964, 17-year-old Randy Gardner did something he hadn’t done for 11 days and 25 minutes: he
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Out of Context
As I queued up to board my flight, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned and received a warm greeting. “Elisa!
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The Battle
As artillery rounds fell around him with an earth-shaking whoomp, the young soldier prayed fervently, “Lord, if you get me
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Seen by God
My first pair of eyeglasses opened my eyes to a bold world. I’m nearsighted, meaning objects close up are sharp
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Giving Credit
In the early 1960s, some unusual paintings featuring a person or animal with huge, sad eyes became popular. Some considered
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Living with the Lights On
A work assignment had taken my coworker and me on a 250-mile journey, and it was late when we began
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Discovering My True Self
Who am I? That’s the question a faded stuffed animal asks himself in the children’s book Nothing by Mick Inkpen.
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Love and Peace
It always amazes me the way peace—powerful, unexplainable peace (Philippians 4:7)—can somehow fill our hearts even in our deepest grief.
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