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Mirrors and Hearers
When I emerged from my hotel in Kampala, Uganda, my hostess, who had come to pick me up for our
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Mosaic of Beauty
Sitting in the courtyard of the Church of the Visitation in Ein Karem, Israel, I was overwhelmed with the beautiful
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Heaven’s Love Song
In 1936, songwriter Billy Hill released a popular hit song titled “The Glory of Love.” Before long a nation was
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The “Hope for a Baby” Tree
After wrapping the tree with clear twinkle lights, I tied pink and blue bows on its branches and christened it
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The “No-Secret” Secret
A coworker confessed to me that he didn’t think he was “Jesus material.” I listened as he described what he
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Expect the Messiah
The repair man looked young—too young to fix our problem, a car that wouldn’t start. “He’s just a kid,” my
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“The Lord’s”
It doesn’t take much to notice that getting “inked” is very popular these days. Some tattoos are so small that
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Steadfast Love
“I love you!” my dad called out as I slammed the car door and headed into school. I was in
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Lord of the Moment
Not long ago I was working on a construction project at my son’s home three hours away. The job took
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Honoring God with Thanks
The doctor wasn’t frowning, despite talking to my husband about his recent cancer diagnosis. Smiling, she offered a suggestion: start
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God Hears
Diane listened as the others in the group asked for prayers for their family members and friends facing challenges or
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Thanks for Being You!
When I served as my mom’s live-in caregiver at a cancer center, I got to know Lori, another caregiver who
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Questions at Christmas
Well before the calendar flips to December, Christmas cheer begins to bubble up in our northern town. A medical office
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A Hand Up
My children have enjoyed the thrill of a backyard ice-skating rink during our cold Idaho winters. When they were young,
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Lonely Christmas
The loneliest Christmas I ever spent was in my grandfathers’ cottage near Sakogu, northern Ghana. I was just 15, and
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