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Treasure in a Pumpkin
As a young mother, I was determined to document my daughter’s first year of life. Each month, I took photos
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My Real Face
For years, feelings of unworthiness and shame over my less-than-godly past had an adverse impact on every aspect of my
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Always Accepted
After several years of struggling to keep up in her studies, Angie was finally taken out of her elite primary
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Bring Your Boats
Hurricane Harvey brought catastrophic flooding to eastern Texas in 2017. The onslaught of rain stranded thousands of people in their
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A Piercing Thorn
The thorn pricked my index finger, drawing blood. I hollered and then groaned, drawing back my hand instinctively. But I
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The Prayer and the Chain Saw
I respect my Aunt Gladys’s intrepid spirit, even if that very spirit concerns me sometimes. The source of my concern
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Terrible and Beautiful Things
Fear can leave us frozen in our own lives. We know all the reasons to be afraid—everything that’s hurt us
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Trust Him First
“Don’t let go, Dad!” “I won’t. I’ve got you. I promise.”    I was a little boy terrified of the water,
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Ask the Animals
Our grandkids, enraptured, got a close-up look at a rescued bald eagle. They were even allowed to touch him. As
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He Carried Our Burden
It’s not unusual for utility bills to be surprisingly high. But Kieran Healy of North Carolina received a water bill
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Safe in His Arms
The weather outside was threatening, and the alert on my cell phone warned about the possibility of flash floods. An
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Singing to the Firing Squad
Two men convicted of drug trafficking had been on death row for a decade. While in prison, they learned of
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Stories of Jesus
As a girl I loved to visit my small local library. One day, looking at the bookshelves holding the young
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October is Pastor Appreciation Month
Every October is Pastor Appreciation Month, a special time set aside each year to honor pastors and their families.  The second Sunday in October
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Much More Than Words
At a dedication ceremony during which a Bible translated into a local African language was presented, the area chief was
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