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Telling Time
“Westerners have watches. Africans have time.” So said Os Guinness, quoting an African proverb in his book Impossible People. That
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Every Moment Matters
When I met Ada, she had outlived her entire group of friends and family and was living in a nursing
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Impaired Judgment
I’ve been quick to judge anyone I saw walking in the street while staring at a phone. How could they
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Blessing in the Mess
I got myself into this mess, so I’d better get myself out, I sometimes find myself thinking.  Although I believe
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Our Safe Place
My very first job was at a fast-food restaurant. One Saturday evening, a guy kept hanging around, asking when I
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As Advertised
During a vacation, my husband and I signed up for a leisurely tour down Georgia’s Chattahoochee River. Dressed in sandals,
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That exclamation came from my daughter as she got ready one morning. I didn’t know what she meant. Then she
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Quieting the Critic
I work with a team to put on an annual community event. We spend eleven months plotting many details to
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Humble Love
When Benjamin Franklin was a young man he made a list of twelve virtues he desired to grow in over
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Advice from My Father
After being laid off from an editorial job, I prayed, asking for God to help me find a new one.
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A Warm Welcome
“Who will hug everybody?” That was one of the questions our friend Steve asked after he got the news that
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The Perfect Father
Standing in the crowded store aisle, I struggled to find the perfect Father’s Day card. Although we had reconciled after
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When our granddaughter Sarah was very young, she explained to me what happens when you die: “Only your face goes
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And in Truth
Years ago, I attended a wedding where two people from different countries got married. Such a blending of cultures can
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Side by Side
In ancient times, a city with broken walls revealed a defeated people, exposed to danger and shame. That is why
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