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Of Spiders and God’s Presence
Spiders. I don’t know any kid who likes them. At least not in their rooms . . . at bedtime.
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The Great Physician
When Dr. Rishi Manchanda asks his patients, “Where do you live?” he’s looking for more than an address. He has
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Not Enough?
On the way home from church my daughter sat in the backseat enjoying Goldfish crackers as my other children implored
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Courage to Be Faithful
Fear is Hadassah’s constant companion. Hadassah, a young Jewish girl living in the first-century, is a fictional character in Francine
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Fleeing to Strength
“Parry four!” When I began fencing in high school, my coach would shout the correct defensive position (“parry”) against the
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Loving All
I worship in a church located in a large, open field—a rare commodity on the island of Singapore (we’re just
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Following Where He Leads
As a child, I looked forward to our church’s Sunday evening services. They were exciting. Sunday night often meant that
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The Advance Team
A friend recently prepared to relocate to a city more than 1,000 miles from her current hometown. She and her
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A Blessing Bowl
The familiar bing of an arriving email caught my attention while I wrote at my computer. Usually I try to
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Trust Me
After graduation from college, I had a low-paying job. Money was tight, and sometimes I didn’t even have enough for
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Fault Lines
An influx of refugees to our community has led to new growth in area churches. That growth brings challenges. Church
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Everywhere and Nowhere
A family friend who, like us, lost a teenager in a car accident wrote a tribute to her daughter, Lindsay,
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Unlikely Friends
My Facebook friends often post endearing videos of unlikely animal friendships, such as a recent video I watched of an
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The Problem with Pride
People who achieve an extraordinary level of fame or reputation while they are still alive are often called “a legend
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A Blanket for Everyone
Linus Van Pelt, better known as simply “Linus,” was a mainstay in the  comic strip. Witty and wise, yet insecure,
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